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CBC News May 2020: Store Launch Announcement 2

CBC News May 2020: Store Launch Announcement

We were so happy to host CBC News London at our store grand opening on May 18 2020. They interviewed our founder Lana Khadra about the challenges of opening a business during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can revisit the article in full below:

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This 19-year-old woman from London launched her own store during the COVID-19 pandemic

While many local businesses grapple with financial losses due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, one 19-year-old woman from London launched a business to fill in what she saw as a need for locals. 

CBC News May 2020: Store Launch Announcement 3Despite trying times, Lana Khadra, a student at Western University, opened up her store, which offers food options for Londoners on ketogenic diets, vegan diets and those with other dietary restrictions.

She started the business earlier in May.

“I really believe in health and I really wanted to bring in new healthy alternatives to London,” said Khadra. “I’m hoping people find items that can help them feel better and feel healthier.”

While Khadra never expected to open her store during a pandemic, she said she was forced to because of financial hardships the ongoing pandemic brought on, especially after spending money on renovating and stocking the shop.

“We really had no option. It was getting financially tough for [my family],” she said.

The idea for the business came a few years back after Khadra went through weight loss and realized there was a need for more alternative nutritional options in the city.

At 16, the Londoner started to work two part-time jobs in order to save the money for her business.

“It was really tough, especially during exams to balance jobs and school … but I didn’t stop working for it,” she recalled.

“I just wanted to make myself proud and prove to myself that I was capable of doing something and I didn’t want my age to stop me, so I just worked really hard for it.”

When the time came, the teen’s parents offered her a loan to open the Diet & Wellness Health Food Store.

Khadra said despite the virus, a few locals have stopped by to shop and she’s optimistic about the future of her store. She hopes people her age will be inspired to start their own ventures.

“Follow your passions and goals and don’t let that little voice tell you not to, because nothing can stop you,” she said.

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