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Featured Brand: Five Awesome Nature's Path Products 2

Featured Brand: Five Awesome Nature’s Path Products

Some people have gotten the impression that organic food can be boring. At Diet & Wellness, we’re dispelling this idea for Londoners, and Nature’s Path makes our work very easy! This company only uses organic ingredients in their line of products, and they source them only from sustainable producers. Some of their products even support organizations that work to protect our planet! Here are five awesome Nature’s Path products you can look for on our shelves.

Kamut Puffs

Nature’s Path Kamut Puffs is a sugar-free cereal with a lively crunch, and it can fuel your body with both the nutrients and delicious taste you need to kick off your day. Instead of heavily-Nature's pathprocessed white grains, this puffed cereal is made with only whole-grain Kamut Khorasan wheat. It’s an ancient grain full of protein and dietary fibres, meaning it’s guaranteed to fill you up at the start of your morning. Each serving boasts 16 grams of whole grains!


Qi’a Cereal

Not satisfied with using only one unconventional plant, Nature’s Path turned a popular and super-healthy seed into a delicious product. Qi’a (pronounced kee-ah) flaked cereal will boost your day with plant-based proteins and healthy fats. It’s named after chia, the superfood that turns every Qi’a cereal into a nutritional powerhouse, and each option contains an unconventional blend of nuts and seeds. It’s recommended for anyone looking for healthy breakfast food that’s completely new and unlike anything else they’ve tried before!


Love Crunch Granola

Made from healthy whole grains, the line of Love Crunch Granola from Nature’s Path is amazing. Every option includes purely organic ingredients like Fair Trade dark chocolate, red berries, and peanuts. No matter what option you choose, Love Crunch contains no trans fat and is vegetarian, USDA Certified Organic, and verified non-GMO. The best part: for every Love Crunch product sold, Nature’s Path donates the equivalent to food banks in need through their Bite4Bite program. Not only do you get to indulge in delicious granola that’s also good for you – you can give back with every bite!


Toaster Pastries

Ah, the toaster pastry – that sugary, fatty, utterly guilt-inducing breakfast option for people on the go. Nature’s Path can help you feel a little better about that quick snack, and they make the nature's pathfilling of their Toaster Pastries with real fruit and whole grains. All three options are free of gross preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, too! With no artificial flavours or colours, everything you hate about regular pastries is gone!


EnviroKidz Organic Cereal

EnviroKidz has released a line of four cereal options: Cheetah Chomps (berry hoops), Leapin’ Lemurs (peanut butter and chocolate balls), Choco Chimps (fair trade cocoa balls), and Panda Puffs (peanut butter puffs). While the animal names sound cute, they reflect the real-world consequences that buying this cereal can have for these species! Through a partnership with 1% For the Planet, one percent of all EnviroKid sales goes towards animal partners working to save endangered animals, protect their habitats, and educate children about what we need to do to preserve our future.

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