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What's New In Store: Covered Bridge Kettle Chips 2

What’s New In Store: Covered Bridge Kettle Chips

Chips are quite popular in Canada, and we have unique flavours to prove it. This love means we have many different options to choose from – not just in taste, but also in the number of local companies that make great-tasting chips in small batches.

Potato chips don’t always have to be a guilty pleasure, and Covered Bridge Kettle Chips are the perfect example! You can now find them at Diet & Wellness Health Food Store, and you’ll taste the care in every chip!

What Are Covered Bridge Kettle Chips?

Covered Bridge chips are the pride of Atlantic Canada. Made in Hartland, New Brunswick – the home of the world’s longest covered bridge – Covered Bridge is a family-owned, old-fashioned kettle chip company with an incredible taste and production tradition!

What's New In Store: Covered Bridge Kettle Chips 3The company grows all the Russet potatoes they use for their chips at a family farm just down the road. When their team picks and drops all the potatoes off at the plant, workers scrub every potato before slicing and cooking them. The final product is an all-natural, certified gluten-free, kosher-approved kettle-cooked chip! 

We love the authentic taste of Covered Bridge Kettle Chips, and we’re excited to give more people in London get this great Maritime taste. You can now bring these fresh-tasting chips into your home, and we know you’ll love them too!


Why Are Kettle Cooked Chips Better?

kettle chipsKettle chips are a great alternative to regular potato chips. Covered Bridge makes all its products using an old-fashioned method of cooking. They stir cold potatoes into an oil-filled kettle, and batches are dumped in one after the other and stirred. As every new bunch enters the cooking vat, the oil’s temperature drops. The temperature drops slow down the cooking time, giving kettle chips a darker look and some wild shapes. The chips are then spun in an oil centrifuge – which acts as a large salad spinner – to remove any excess oil.

Conventional potato chips, on the other hand, are made through a process called continuous fry. In this method, potatoes are fried on a conveyor belt as they move through hot oil, which remains at a constant temperature. The oil adheres to the chips, giving them a greasy texture and taste. More chip consumers are looking for a product that doesn’t taste this way, which is why kettle chips are now so popular!

More than that, though, Covered Bridge is a guaranteed dream for locavores and Canadian consumers. Made with potatoes grown in the same province and topped with simple, natural ingredients, these kettle chips will look better on your home shelf than on our store shelves!

Diet & Wellness carries Avocado Oil With Pink Sea Salt, Sea Salt Crinkle Cut, Smokin’ Sweet BBQ, and Sea Salt & Vinegar flavours. Give them all a try and see for yourself how Covered Bridge lives up to the hype!

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