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What's The Deal With North American Herb & Spice Powders 2

What’s The Deal With North American Herb & Spice Powders


We’re excited to tell you about a company making some of the most unique products available: North American Herb & Spice. They have formulated a line of powerful powders from some of the cleanest plant sources possible. The results are that Diet & Wellness customers have easy access to the healing power of nature!


The North American Herb & Spice Story


What's The Deal With North American Herb & Spice Powders 3North American Herb & Spice was founded in 1999 to offer unique products made from naturally powerful ingredients. The founder, Judy Gray, earned a Masters of Science and Nutrition, and she is well-known in the industry for being a master formulator and strong advocate of traditional, sustainable practices.

The company sources its ingredients from all corners of the globe: from remote Mediterranean backcountry to the valleys of the Amazon rainforest, North American Herb & Spice sources the finest fruits, herbs, and spices in the world. 

What makes this company unique is how Ms. Gray has made a dedication to wild, handpicked spices the cornerstone of her product lines. But this isn’t the only factor separating North American Herb & Spice from other companies!


What Does North American Herb & Spice Do Differently?


What's The Deal With North American Herb & Spice Powders 4You might be thinking, “what makes this company different from other spice and supplement producers?” It’s a good question, so it helps to learn how they capture the power of nature in all our supplements. North American Herb & Spice starts by carefully picking the plants needed for their natural remedies, sourcing the raw ingredients from harvesters positioned all over the world. These sources are also guaranteed to be free of pesticides, chemicals, and GMOs.

Their team then uses processes that retain the full spectrum that only nature provides. Based on extensive research, they combine ingredients to create the synergy and potency people need for optimal health. Every extract is made fresh and on-site whenever possible, with no harsh solvents to degrade the synergistic components. 

Once extraction is complete, master formulators get to work formulating supplements that have the most potent, therapeutic, whole food and full-spectrum complexes available. The result is a line of some of the purest spice extracts available! 

They believe it’s divine intelligence and the ultimate source of healing, but the company always lets the science do the talking. For example, they conducted several landmark studies on the therapeutic powers of wild oregano oil P73. These studies led the way for more interest in wild oregano oil’s antiseptic properties!


Why Choose North American Herb & Spice Powders? 


Not only are the products clean and good for you, but they are also incredibly inventive! With their powders, you’ll find it easy to enhance your diet, enjoy delicious new offerings, and find it easier to live well. LivaLatte, for example, is a coffee alternative made from wild dandelion root and birch bark. Users looking to cut caffeine can mix it with coconut milk and enjoy it as a healthy replacement for coffee or add it to any dessert!

At Diet & Wellness Health Food Store, we carry an extensive collection of North American Herb & Spice capsules, Oil of Oregano, and powders. Order them today and add a little more of nature to your pantry!

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