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Diet & Wellness Showcase: Three New Bakery Products 2

Diet & Wellness Showcase: Three New Bakery Products

The Diet & Wellness Bakery section is one of our favourites. The products here use whole grains and natural sweeteners, have low carbs and include all sorts of healthy surprises you’d never think possible in a bakery. The best part is, there’s always something new to get excited about!

Whether you’re cutting out sugar, starting a low-carb diet, want to bulk up, or just need more healthy options during the day, try these three product lines. Who knows – they might become your new favourites!


Schär Gluten-Free Bread And CrackersDiet & Wellness Showcase: Three New Bakery Products 3

Schär is an international favourite, and this Italian brand has pushed the limits of what gluten-free bread can do. Make room for all these delicious possibilities, first between two slices of Schär’s Gluten-Free Artisan Baker White Bread. It’s made from sourdough, making it good for both your taste buds and your gut!

If you’re in a lighter lunch mood, try the Schär Rosemary Crackers. The wafer-thin crackers are gluten and lactose-free and have an exceptional taste topped off by salt and rosemary. With six individual packages in each box, your healthy lunch got a lot easier to pack!


Flap Jacked Protein Muffins With Probiotics

Diet & Wellness Showcase: Three New Bakery Products 4Muffins are some of the last foods gym buffs would ever choose: they’re typically very heavy on the carbs and sugar, with little (if any) protein. This isn’t the case with Flap Jacked’s line of powered-up muffins. They taste very fresh, too; just add water, stir, and heat in the microwave. It’s the perfect way to start the day when you just don’t have the energy!

Each muffin has 20 grams of protein, 9 to 10 grams of sugar (depending on the flavour of the muffin), and a healthy dose of probiotics. Yes, you read that right: these muffins have probiotics in them! With so many muffins on store shelves using refined carbohydrates, it’s rare to find one that improves your gut health. 

You can find Flap Jacked muffins in Lemon Poppy Seed, S’Mores, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Banana Caramel. 


Chatila Bakery ProductsDiet & Wellness Showcase: Three New Bakery Products 5

The sweets section of the bakery is everyone’s favourite (don’t deny it!), but it’s often a bit too tempting. In any other bakery, you’d have to fight the urge to buy and inhale a pound of sugar and butter in one sitting. To satisfy all your cravings, Diet & Wellness now carries Chatila Bakery products! Chatila Bakery is already a favourite company among those on low-carb diets. However, anyone trying to live a healthier life can find satisfaction in their line of baked goods! You’d never know that their range of cake (the fancy Chocolate Etoile), cupcakes, and creme horns were sugar-free. Every option we carry is gluten-free, too, so those with Celiac disease and intolerances can try and enjoy these amazing options!

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