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Why You Need An Active Shaker In Your Life 2

Why You Need An Active Shaker In Your Life

Have you been resisting getting an active shaker because you don’t think you’re, well, active enough? Don’t put it off any longer – add one of them to your routine! No matter what your level of exercise, an active shaker helps you stay hydrated, perform your best, and recover after workouts. 

You’ve probably heard them go by several different names: shaker bottle, protein shaker, shaker cup, mixing bottle. Whatever you choose to call it, an active shaker is one of the most underrated pieces of workout equipment. They’re not just for gym rats anymore!

Why You Should Get An Active Shaker

A quality active shaker is lightweight, durable, and portable, and you can use it to mix up drinks like protein shakes. What makes it “shake” is a metal mixing mechanism. This little whisk is Why You Need An Active Shaker In Your Life 3often called an agitator (though, like the cup itself, it goes by many names), and it breaks up the ingredients to combine them into a smooth, consistent liquid with no powdery lumps or chunks. 

Active shakers make nutrition so much easier and are the perfect addition to any exercise regimen. The drinks you shake can be tailored to your workout needs: providing energy before exercising, recovering after, and preventing digestion issues that often come from a high-protein diet. Keep the ingredients handy so you can shake a drink wherever you are; by combining a packet of your favourite powder, water, coconut water, almond milk, or whatever your body craves, you can have something prepared before, during, or after a workout. 

They’re also a better option than water bottles around gym equipment because intense routines can get a little messy. Compared to regular bottles that force you to unscrew the cap whenever you need a drink, shakers let you drink effortlessly – just flip open the cap and squeeze! If you’re not an indoor exerciser, you’ll be able to find a model that fits with running, cycling, and outdoor sports. 

Active Shakers: More Than Just For Working Out

Not every active day requires the same drink, so it’s a good thing that these shakers aren’t just for mixing protein shakes! They are a durable choice for any drink on the go, including electrolyte-filled sports drinks, iced coffee, and plain ol’ cold water. Active shakers take away the need to have something for both your protein shake and your water, there’s less to carry when you’re working out.

Why You Need An Active Shaker In Your Life 4
Close up of protein powder and scoops

Active shakers are one of the most essential pieces of workout equipment, and they are made for those who love to exercise in any form! Using one can improve how you reach health goals, and they make for great blender replacements when you’re in a hurry. If you’re always moving around, keep one in your office, car, workout bag, and at home to get some extra nutrition no matter where you are.

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