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4 Inch Studio Grade Yoga Foam Block – Black – Set Of 2


Product Features: Beveled edges create comfort and add style. Firm, scratch-proof exterior.Lightweight, Eco-friendly EVA foam is firm and durable.

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For yoga enthusiasts seeking some extra support during their workout we offer the 3 & 4 inch yoga block. Ideal for pregnancy yoga these yoga blocks are very firm to securely support poses while promoting safety. They are also excellent for the beginner who needs assistance to maintain proper form during poses. Featuring beveled edges the yoga blocks are stylish and easily stored. Environmentally-friendly customers appreciate the lightweight eco-friendly eva foam. With a scratch-proof exterior the 4 inch yoga block is durable giving the customer a great value. The numerous colors available allow customers to match the yoga block to their yoga clothing accessories or the yoga studio. Whether you are just beginning your yoga adventure or require a little extra support the 4 in. Yoga block will help you to meet your yoga workout goals with increased comfort and ease.



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