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Amoda Classic Matcha Powder 75g


Our matcha tea gives you a sustained clean energy boost without the jitters or crash when compared to energy drinks or coffee. It’s the perfect way start your day, as a midday pick up or even as a natural pre-workout power-up. It’s an unbeatable source of energy that can keep you focused throughout your day.


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WHAT DOES OUR MATCHA DO? – Energizes, a sustained clean energy boost. Immune booster. Improves your memory, focus and concentration. Increases antioxidants. Weight loss, burns calories and increases thermogenesis. Cleanses and removes toxins. It’s a super food powder and it’s packed with chlorophyll and amino acids including l’theanine and EGCG. It’s ideal for a healthy lifestyle, wellness and your well-being. Why wouldn’t you want to drink this?

THE BEST TASTING MATCHA – This is more than just any green tea powder, it’s specially grown to be a organic matcha green tea powder! Amoda’s matcha powder has been crafted for blending and it’s perfect as a matcha latte, matcha smoothie mix, a matcha chia pudding or just as a super food smoothie booster. It’s robust and full flavored with slight hints of bitterness. We’ve used this matcha to make delicious matcha cakes, matcha cookies and matcha ice cream and recommend you do the same!

THE QUALITY – Our matcha tea is 100% organic and has been carefully shade-grown and stone-ground. It has been handcrafted to our specific requirements to bring you an organic matcha tea that is unparalleled in flavor, quality and in price. All of our matcha is sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. A pure matcha green tea powder.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Shade-grown Stone-ground Matcha Green Tea Powder.

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