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Avocado Food Huggers 2 Sizes


With these avocado huggers, avocados stay fresh for a long time, pleasing your taste buds, your wallet and the environment. Compared to conventional plastic containers, the Food Huggers are tight-fitting silicone caps that significantly reduce the moisture content of food. This helps food stay fresh longer so that it does not need to be thrown away. In addition, by using the Food Huggers, you can make a valuable contribution to the reduction of plastic waste. Environmentally damaging plastic bags and films for food storage are now a thing of the past thanks to the innovative Food Huggers. Their pretty colours, add a good mood to your kitchen. Naturally, the Food Huggers are reusable – they even have a lifetime warranty.

PACK OF TWO: This pack comes with 1 small and 1 large Avocado Hugger, allowing you to preserve avocados of various shapes and sizes.

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS TO PRESERVE YOUR AVOCADOS: Avocado Huggers preserve your leftover avocado halves in the most environment-friendly and sustainable way. No single use plastic! These customized Food Huggers are specifically designed for the best preservation of avocados.

PATENTED PIT POCKET DESIGN: Avocado Huggers come with a pit pocket that can be pushed in or out depending if the half you are saving has a pit.

DISHWASHER SAFE & BPA-FREE: Avocado Huggers are made from food-safe,100% BPA and Phthalate free, made using FDA silicone. All huggers are dishwasher safe, making clean up quick and easy.

TIPS TO CUT DOWN RIPENING TIME: While we don’t promise miracles, one can delay the natural ripening process of avocados a little by using some of these tips: a) Be sure to store your hugged avocado half in the fridge. b) Brushing some lime juice, lemon juice, olive oil or vinegar across the flesh of sliced avocado, before you seal it in the Avocado Hugger, will help to slow the browning process. c) Keep a thin slice of onion with the Avocado pressed inside the hugger.

Material: Silicone

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