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Bob’s Red Mille Super-Fine Almond Flour 453g


Almond floor (almond powder) is simply peeled, some time-cooked almonds that have a very beautiful texture. It does not contain gluten and one serving of it contains 5 grams of carbohydrate. Use it for grain-free and gluten-free baking, or try it as bread for meat and vegetables. It gives a rich, delicious flavor to moist-textured ingredients and cakes, cookies, pancakes and muffins.

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  • Whole lightly boiled almonds
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  • Non-GMO Assurance

Looking for a superior gluten free, low carb flour? Our Super-Fine Almond Flour is made from the finest California-grown almonds, which have been blanched and ground to a fine meal that is ideal for gluten free baking. Almond flour is also a must-have for paleo and grain free baking recipes.

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