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Fow – Organic Watermelon Lime Water 500ml


Flow Watermelon & Lime Alkaline Water 500ml. Sourced from artesian spring, Flow naturally collects electrolytes and essential minerals giving it an akaline PH of 8.1, and that smooth, delicious taste.
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Enhanced with essence of organic watermelon and lime, Flow flavours help you achieve your hydration goals while preserving the benefits of alkaline spring water.

No more plastic bottles. Flow pack is made with plant-based cap, 68% renewable materials, all responsibly-sourced. Flow packs are 100% recyclable, designed to have a low carbon footprint.

  • 100% Naturally Alkaline Spring Water + pH of 8.1: Essential minerals and electrolytes for supercharged hydration.
  • Healthy Minerals: Flow Alkaline Spring Water contains natural, essential minerals like cal-cium, potassium, magnesium and bicarbonate that gives Flow Alkaline Spring Water its fresh, smooth taste.
  • Organic Watermelon + Lime: This water is designed for drinkability with the organic es-sence of watermelon and lime. No sugar, no juice, no calories, no preservatives, no GMOs.
  • Non-PET & BPA free

Natural spring water, Organic Flavour

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