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Fresh1 Berry Bliss Vegan Plant Protein 2lb


Fresh1 Vegan Plant Protein is a delicious blend of 5 different protein sources. Together they form a COMPLETE protein, loaded with all 9 essential amino acids to fuel your body with energy and the necessary building blocks required to support muscle recovery and growth. With ZERO sugar and low fat, FRESH1 delivers an all-natural high protein shake that tastes incredible!

INGREDIENTS: Plant Protien Blend(Pea Protien, Organic Brown Rice Protien, Lentein Water Lentil Protien, Organic Pumkin seed Protien, Quinoa Powder), Natural Flavours, stevia (leaf) Extract, Gum Blend (cellulose and Xanthan), Malic Acid, Red Beet Powder (colour), Monk Fruit Extract, Salt, Ground Cinnamon

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