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Halo Top – Chocolate Honey Comb


Halo Top ice cream is a low-calorie alternative to regular ice cream. Halo Top is made with natural and organic ingredients.

  • Great taste
  • Source of protein

Chocolate Honeycomb featuring a honey-flavored ice cream packed full of chocolate fudge swirls and sweet honeycomb nougat pieces. They all have a typical Halo Top ice cream nutrition profile providing 17 to 20g of protein per pint, just over 60g of carbohydrates with about half of that sugar, and 350 calories, except for Honeycomb, which has 330.


Milk ingredients, Eggs, Milk protein concentrate, Erythritol, Organic cane sugar, Maltodextrin (fibre), Fudge swirl (sugar, water, cocoa processed with alkali, flour, cultured dextrose (maltodextrin), salt), Vegetable glycerine, Honeycomb flake (sugar, rice syrup, honey, baking soda, coconut oil, flavour), Whey protein concentrate, Gum arabic, Flavour, Sea salt, Organic carob bean gum, Organic guar gum, Organic stevia extract. Contains: Milk, Eggs, Wheat. May contain: Peanuts, Almonds, Brazil nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Macadamia nuts, Pine nuts, Pecans, Pistachios, Walnuts, Soy.

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