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Kalaya Naturals Breath Refresh Tongue Cleaner


Recommended by dental professionals to aid the removal of bacteria and food particles that are on the surface of the tongue. The Kalaya Tongue Cleaner helps to reduce bad breath and promotes oral hygiene by removing 75% more bacteria than brushing the tongue with a toothbrush.

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Designed by medical professionals and recommended by dentists to provide instant control over bad breath and the factors that cause bad breath. Kalaya Breath Refresh Oral Rinse provides immediate and lasting relief of dry mouth, promotes fresh breath and a helps to maintain a healthier smile. Kalaya Dental Flossers aids in removing plaque and the bacteria that cause bad breath. The Kalaya Tongue Cleaner promotes oral hygiene by removing the bacteria and food particles that are on the surface of the tongue

Directions: Starting at the back of a moistened tongue, gently use the Tongue Cleaner to remove debris. Use after brushing. Do not push down firmly on the tongue to avoid injury. Replace when you replace your toothbrush (after 2-3 months).

Size: 1pc

Ingredients : Kalaya Breath Refresh, Tongue Cleaner and Triple Effect Dual Head Flossers

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