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Kato Matcha Whisk


The spring harvest is regarded as the highest quality with very little astringency. It has a strong umami flavour with a delicate sweetness. The Katō Matcha Spring is such high quality that it drinks perfectly on its own as a tea.

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At Genuine Tea, we pride ourselves on promoting transparency and freshness in the tea industry. To us, there was nothing more “genuine” than naming our Matcha after the family who cultivates, harvests and processes the Matcha we love.

Can you taste the music? The Katō Family has been producing premium quality Matcha in Uji, Japan for generations.

The secret? Playing Mozart to the tea leaves before harvest.

This is happy Matcha. This is Katō Matcha.

From the Katō Family in Uji, Kyoto to your cup. This is a perfectly smooth ceremonial grade organic certified spring harvest from the finest growing region in Japan.

1) Sift* half a teaspoon of Katō Matcha Spring Organic into a preheated vessel
2) Add 1oz of 75ºC water
3) Whisk to create a consistent level of foam
4) Top up with desired amount of hot water

Ingredients: stone-milled Japanese Matcha green tea

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