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Natural Traditions Brown Rice Bran & Germ Powder 200g


Organic Traditions Rice Bran and Germ powder has a naturally sweet and slightly nutty taste. It is so delicious that it can be eaten right out of the bag

Rice bran and germ are the polishings that are removed when brown rice is milled into white rice. Rice has been cultivated in Asia for over 7000 years and has been a traditional food source for many cultures around the world. In milling the rice and removing the hull and the bran, leaving only the white kernel, the best nutrition is thrown away. Although the bran and germ only take up 8% of the kernel, they contain 65% of the nutritional value. A low glycemic, nutrient dense superfood, Rice Bran and Germ contains vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids. There are over 110 known antioxidants in this amazing superfood, giving it an ORAC value of 5,740 per ¼ cup 28 gram serving. The ORAC value is a measurement of the antioxidant capacity of different foods. A unique mechanical stabilization process has been used to deactivate the lipase in the Rice Bran and Germ in order to ensure optimal stability of the delicate compounds and antioxidants. Natural Traditions Rice Bran and Germ has a delicious, naturally sweet and nutty taste that can be added to everything you eat.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO
  • One 28 gram ¼ cup serving provides 80% Thiamin, 90% Niacin and 90% Vitamin B6
  • An excellent source of whole food B & E vitamins
  • An antioxidant rich superfood with an ORAC value of 5,740 per ¼ cup 28 gram serving
  • Unique mechanical stabilization process to ensure optimal nutrient and antioxidant integrity and stability
  • No fillers, flavors, additives, preservatives, maltodextrin, artificial colors, sugars or sweeteners added

Add 1-6 tsp. (2-3 tbsp.) of Natural Traditions Rice Bran and Germ powder to water, coconut water, your favorite juice or to smoothies. As there are no binders or excipients added, contents may settle so stir while drinking if mixing it with water or juice. Mix the powder with yogurt, fresh berries and cereal or make delicious, healthy raw desserts such as puddings and dairy free ice cream. Add 1-3 teaspoons of Natural Traditions Rice Bran and Germ powder to your favorite smoothie recipe to create a nourishing, antioxidant rich smoothie.


Brown Rice Bran and Germ Powder

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