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Select Smart Mass – Peanut Butter Cookie 14 Serve


If you’re a Peanut Butter lover this Peanut Butter Cookie flavour is ’bout to BLOW your mind! These servings are BIG folks….we want you to enjoy them rather than just simply trying to sink the kcals!!

From the guys at PEScience, a brand very close to our hearts here in the Mix! Probably the ONLY brand we could trust to create a premium version of a product like this…we’d tend to steer clear of mass-gainers – due to the nature of the product, usually a sack of cheap sugars from less than fantastic sources!! However PEScience have created Select Smart Mass Protein to break the mould in the world of mass-gainers, a well considered formulation taking every aspect of gaining weight WITHOUT the gut all whilst keeping digestion in check!!

Usually mass-gainers are BRIMMING with maltodextrin…an extremely inexpensive carbohydrate source, easy to flavor, easy to chuck in…HOWEVER with an extremely HIGH GI (glycemic index)! Not great for sending blood sugars through the ROOF!! In fact….maltodextrin has a HIGHER GI score than sugar, this stuff CAN’T be good for you!! In the world of fitness lovers…we tend to consider each and everything we put in to our bodies…so we can all relate when we say this stuff DOES NOT sound good for you!! However PEScience have created a maltodextrin free formulation!! Using three low-GI carb sources – peas, oats, and Palatinose®!!

PEScience has a goal for you….and that DOES NOT involve getting fat…with this in mind this formulation has been created with quality carbohydrate sources as well as of course PEScience Select formulation of both whey and casein protein. This has shown to be superior than just whey alone!! Why?! Reputable journals have tested the effects of different proteins in human subjects – data could not be more conclusive. Whey + Casein is the superior choice. In fact, it turns out that nature had it right…the blend of whey and casein, as found naturally in milk protein, works together in a synergistic manner to build lean muscle more effectively than one or the other alone.

Another reason to opt for PEScience Smart Mass!? Typical weight gainers add fats…fat is 9kcals per gram so a STRONG amount of calories compared to carbs + proteins so this hikes the calories…but guess what…you don’t need to be paying for added fats!! Peanut Butter, Oils, Avocado’s….all MUCH cheaper and REAL food…don’t just drink a bunch of empty fat calories for no reason!!

Ingredients: Pea Starch (as Carb10™), WHEY [MILK] Protein Concentrate, MILK Protein Isolate, PEANUT Flour, Whole Oat Bran, Isomaltulose (as Palatinose®), Natural and Artificial Flavor, Salt, Guar Gum, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium.

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