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Redness and Itchy Eye Relief


    • No harsh vascoconstrictors
    • Homeopathic treatment
    • Original swiss formula

Comfort without harsh chemicals*. We all want our eyes to be redness-free, but many are concerned about the chemicals found in redness relieving eye drops. Most over-the-counter redness relieving eye drops use chemicals such as vasoconstrictors to mask symptoms. Vasoconstrictors may actually worsen the symptoms if used more than directed (usually 4 times a day maximum). Similasan works differently, by using natural botanical extracts to stimulate the body’s natural defenses and target the root cause, so you can feel better without harsh chemicals.

Apis mellifica 6x, Euphrasia officinalis 6x, Pulsatilla 6x, Sabadilla 6x, borate buffer, purified water, silver sulfate (preservative), sodium nitrate

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