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Swerve – All Natural Sweetener – 40 Packets


Add to your favorite food or beverage. Measures like sugar.


Swerve Sweetener, Sugar Packets Replacment, 40 PacketsSwerve Sweetener, Sugar Packets Replacement offers a healthy sugar substitute in convenient packet form without having to sacrifice the sweet, sugary taste. This sugar packets replacement is a naturally created alternative. It’s a non-GMO product and has zero calories. Swerve Sweetener, Sugar Packets Replacement has minimal ingredients and was created to taste like actual sugar packets. It also measures and dissolves just like regular sugar packets, so it’s easy to use as a replacement in your favorite coffee, tea or iced tea. The best part of Swerve Sweetener, Sugar Packets Replacement is that there is no bitter aftertaste. The carbohydrates contained in this product are considered non-impact, meaning it does not affect blood sugar. Swerve Sweetener, Sugar Packets Replacement is the ideal replacement for those looking to reduce their sugar intake for health or personal reasons.



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